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Hola. I would like to take a moment to share with you, the experience I have had, and continue to have with the office of AleAlvarado and Associates.

Posted by REpv2019superadmin on May 16, 2019

Hola. I would like to take a moment to share with you, the experience I have had, and continue to have with the office of Alvarado Reality. About a year ago, I had decided to relocate from Port Orchard, WA. (USA), to the Puerto Vallarta area. Having visited often, and being semi-retired, the PV area just sang to me…. With that, where to begin, its a big decision, and with many aspects. Some known, others yet to be addressed. No, I do not have family in the area, nor friends, other than those that have also visited PV. Lots of rumors, cultural differences, and many business rules that are quite different than what my 60 plus years has taught me. Most of all, WHO can or should I trust. A “babe in the woods” was I, and I knew it !!! So after many visits, a week every 2 months, many evenings being lost in thought, contemplating maneuvers, the how and when, and the endless “what if’s”, I began my journey.

     I needed to find a place to call home. A house, a condo, an apartment…, I knew what I needed, not sure what I wanted. So I went looking, ok, where to look. So I hit the internet, that was overwhelming. So, lets tag a few realtors, let them show me around.  So many choices, so many locations, so many options. I am really going to need a realtor, but not just a Realtor, I’m going to need a friend. A trusting friend. One who can listen, listen to my wants, identify my needs, keep me in my affordable price range, and be trusted. I was looking up at a very big mountain, and to climb it, I needed a guide. I enjoyed the company of 6 different realtors, in a weeks time.
     One of them was Ale Alvarado Reality, Luis Sandoval was the representative that came to me. We went to see 3 properties, all were nice, but the last one was the best. A new condo, walking distance to the marina, quiet location….just what I had been saying, without saying it. He listened, and he produced. Then I meet Ale. She along with Luis, pretty much led me by the hand and set me up. Set me up with opening an account (Mexico bank), helped me set myself up for the required deposit, talked with the Developer in regards to the timing of the contract, based on my needs back in the US. Then guided me again to the Mortgage Company. Learned me about furnishing, and furnishings. Guided me through the maze of residency requirements. And I want to add that all this was not done in the few weeks that I was there. They would Email me when I was in the US. Several phone calls to me in Port Orchard. Always with news and changes, or additions that needed to be addressed. How was I doing….yes, I had found that “FRIEND” that I so needed. I believe this relationship will continue way beyond my relocation. I have intentionally left out many other items and events…they are two long to mention. Just know that this team, did in fact go out of their way to help me bring a dream to a reality…. Thank you so much Ale, and Luis, and the office team…MUCHO GRASIS

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